Different Types of Tiles

Although at first glance it seems very easy to choose the tiles for the bathroom, we must do it with great interest because its result will last for many years. And to make a good choice, you need to know the characteristics that define what types of bathroom tiles there are.

The types of tiles can be defined by:

Tone: It is the color that has a tile match. The tonality of a ceramic item will never be exactly the same as the previous one because it depends on factors such as cooking time, material, exposure to cold, heat or humidity.

Caliber: It is a reference that marks the manufacturer to group the tiles of the same type.

Resistance to wear: It is the resistance that tiles have to surface wear, and is measured with the PEI scale.

There are different types of tiles:

Decorative ceramic tile is great when you want something nice to look at.

Porcelain is the most suitable for outdoor, since it is more resistant to climatic aggressions and has more hardness.

The red paste is indicated for interiors. It is recommended for areas with little traffic.

According to the type of finish we find:

Wood Imitation: It has a natural appearance. It does not require maintenance and reproduces the comfort and warmth of the wood.

Mud: They offer a more rustic, warm and natural look. They envelop serene spaces and, especially, homely, ideal for Provencal styles.

Textured Marble: Suitable for avant-garde and advanced styles, which show a delicate and relaxing aspect.

Classic marble: Classic travertines and marbles in warm, natural and luminous tones bring an air of luxury and elegance.

There are of course many other types of tiles out there, but these are the basics that you can consider when you start shopping around for different tiles.